A Parable of the Heart

Says the Captain of the ship of life, ‘Hold fast, take heart! Have I ever let you down?’ But I have been a rebel sailor who has often given the slip.

‘Forget the past,’ says He, ‘and listen: Beyond this vast and troubled world lies a lagoon of Peace. And there, my weary charge, you’ll find refuge and more.’

It is the end of night, and the roar of surf crashing upon looming reefs distracts me. I turn and peer over the bow into the inky night, as our ship is pulled forward willy-nilly on the current. Through a small opening in the high leaping waves smashing upon towering black cliffs, far in the distance I detect a glimmer of mirrored calm. With a life of its own, our ship picks up speed and shoots through a long dark passage formed of jagged rock and rough sea, danger hissing on every side. I hold tight to the mast, to avoid being swept into the abyss. Suddenly and amazingly our boat passes through the channel, and enters the most beautiful lagoon ever seen or imagined. The dangers of the waves, the reefs and the night are gone, forgotten. Overhead shines a sun that casts no shadow, the air filled with peace and the fragrance of rarest flowers. On a scented breeze, floats a faint and beautiful music from a hidden source. The water is clear, tinted pale blue, inviting and magical.

‘Come!’ says my Captain, ‘Here we leave this boat and our garments behind, for we cannot take them where we go. But first we must cleanse the long journey’s grime.’

We dive into that wondrous blue water, and swim a long way beneath the luminous surface.Even here, we hear the diaphanous Music. With every stroke, I am invigorated, as the blotches and flaws of time peel and float away from my body.

‘Enough!’ signals my guide, as we breach the surface, breathing rejuvenating air, ‘It is time to reclaim your destiny!’ As my Captain assumes a rare new light, I see the Truth in him. All resistance and rebellion gone, we arise on a swirling, invisible Logos, leaving the old husks of self below—rising, rising ever closer to that glorious, radiant, unburning Sun.

‘Now,’ my Captain says, as He and the Sun merge, ‘enter the heart of Light with me, and become the Light itself. Reclaim the Eternity and Freedom that you lost so long ago.’