Excerpt from Moth & the Flame

As the days and nights passed in semi-retreat, glimmerings of the wonder of the spiritual path began to dawn, and a few inadequate words—like bubbles rising from the depths—found their way to the surface:

How beautiful God’s Creation is,
Through eyes of love so freely bestowed.
Each breath and sigh become living beads
On the rosary of remembrance.

Forest buds swell in the warm spring sun,
And burst dull mortality with delicate bloom.

Once hidden, Your fair countenance fills all-space,
And I, less than an ant or tiny fish,
Lie inebriate on the surface of the Deep.

Within this fragile temple of body
Resounds the sacred bell, the drumming thunder,
Everywhere, nowhere, and now here;
The universe opens into harmony.

The Sun of Divinity, thinly veiled,
You step into my dreams;
Eyes that even momentarily consume such Countenance
Are imbued with purpose, if not Love’s madness.

Invisible harmonies spread like gossamer in the wind;
You pass by, luminous tresses entangling everything.
Willingly am I undone, drawn into undeniable love.

In the body of Light are Truth and Wisdom,
Guides to the wandering children of mind;
In that brightness is the promise of glory;
A troth in the bosom of divine affection.

Plucked like a soiled puppy from the gutter,
I am washed by One whose very name is Compassion;
Then a clod, now an atom of Light in limitlessness,
I dance and breathe by the life of the Word.