The Ancient One

Here sits the ancient One—a glowing center
transmitting life into our dust…
no dream or fantasy, this!

Out-flowing, in-flowing Light,
unfolds Creation’s lyric story,
Separation and Union—the song of Everything.

He speaks, and an arching spark leaps
from Eye to eye, to heart, to soul,
and back, again & again,
one seamless circle;

Timelessness finds its locus.
Light coalescing, translucent, blazing, yet cool.

Tell me whose eyes peer from beneath your brows?
Kirpal or Sawan, Kabir or Namelessness?

Whose Light? One Light, the Light of the Creator
that burns bright in every soul!

You have revealed your secret, O’ Darshan!

By comparison, all fortunes are ashes,
for tonight there is no separation!