Arran Stephens

Hi Deepa. There are many other examples of animals and beneficial insects that when given a chance, also prefer organic over GMO. Remember the terrible tsunami that devastated swaths of Asia? Elephants and other animals somehow knew that danger was coming and started moving to higher ground up to three days before disaster struck. Sometimes animals are wiser than humans! We have something to learn from them. Luv

Michael Scott

I’m glad to see you’ve started a blog. Any plans to add an RSS Feed? It would make it much easier for me (and others) to keep up with your posts.


Thanks for the feedback! We have implemented the RSS feed link in the footer

Radhika Chakravarthy

This is wild!! If only humans had the same wisdom to stay away from GMO:) Great blog Arran. See you soon at SOS.

Arran Stephens

Thanks for your comment, Radhika.


Would love if you could give credit for this picture to the man who conducted this “experiment” and took the image. His name is Paul Fonder. Paul is an organic dairy farmer from Milbank, SD.

Arran Stephens

Thanks for your comment. I have updated the post, and given credit to Paul.