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I can’t verify the accuracy of the data of this Wall Street Journal article which mentions our company, Nature’s Path Foods, but it is gratifying to realize the growing public trust in our independent family company’s ethos, values and products. In an age of growing consolidation and ubiquitousness, Nature’s Path has steered an independent (of outside corporate control and Wall Street) course. Our goal is to not just succeed in the dog-eat-dog world of business, but to actually leave the Earth better than we found it, by supporting people, planet and spirit. Arran

WSJ article listing Nature’s Path as #2 organic brand. The #1 independent organic enterprise.

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Who Owns What in Organic Packaged Foods

The consolidation of the food industry spares no quarter, including brands that are known for their small size and independence. Large food-processing companies are buying up organic brands, as the market for products made without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers continues to grow.

The latest consolidation on this list was Earthbound Farms, a packaged produce company, acquired by WhiteWave Foods earlier this year. WhiteWave, in turn, had been spun off from dairy giant Dean foods the year before.

Looking at the top brands by market share along with their brand owners might yield some surprises: