GMO OMG – the film

I encourage as many people as possible to view the Trailer to this beautiful and important film by award-winning filmmaker Jeremy Seifert, which is about to debut across North America. GMOs are in our food supply. Oh My God! What does this mean to us? Follow the journey of a conscientious dad across America in search of pure unadulterated food and his little son who loves to collect seeds. His search takes him from Haiti where farmers burn Monsanto’s GMO seeds, to a dancer in love with the rhythms of the earth, to poets and ordinary and extraordinary farmers, educators, geneticists, common folk, supermarkets, all the while trying to answer his bright young son’s questions about seeds, food and life. And it goes deep into a frozen mountain in Norway to the famed world repository seed bank, and to the stars, vibrant with the pulse of life. This film will change your view of the world we all share for the better. It may make you cry with the hope it envisages. AS


Ginette McCoy

Everybody needs to know the truth. It’s about time. Two of the biggest conspiracies of the 20th Century are about to burst open. The GMO Industry and the Big Pharma are NOT our friends and never were. The sicker you are; the more profit they make plain and simple…