Kashmir, with Sant Kirpal Singh & Friends

I just found this old photo in a box of photos. This was taken on a wonderful journey to Kashmir with my great Teacher, Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj and traveling companions in 1967

With the Master, Kashmir 67

. This was by the river in Pahalgam. I’m the young guy sitting on the rock, wrapped in a blanket.


Daniel Hecht

Hello, Arran,
I sought out your blog for your references to Kirpal Singh, who also figures in my recent blog posts, albeit indirectly. I was pleased to come here and find also the lovely Rumi poem (I had just mentioned Rumi in my blog about my friendship with Nina Gitana, who held for Kirpal Singh a love much like Rumi’s for Shams-e Tabrisi).

My perspectives are uniquely my own and may not agree with everyone associated with Nina or Kirpal Singh, but I invite you to visit my site and comment if you wish.

Daniel Hecht

Arran Stephens

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for your note and sharing your unique perspectives about Nina Gitana (and the beautiful photo). I met Nina a number of times during the late 60’s and 70’s, including visiting her place in Vermont in 1968, and in the company of the Master in 1972. She was highly unusual. Devoted, very strict and ascetic—if not a little fanatical; obsessed with certain ideas about the spiritual path (such as Macrobiotics, etc), notions not necessarily in consonance with the teachings of Sant Kirpal Singh Ji and his predecessors. I wouldn’t have been offended if you had somersaulted into a room. We are all on different trajectories back to the One. I’m in accord with your perception of the Sound-Current, to whatever level you have experienced it, but there are many stages further on the journey.

You are invited to take a look, if you like, at my account on this blog, Moth & the Flame, detailing decades of interactions with the beloved Master Kirpal and His spiritual successors.

loving regards,