KAUAI – snakes in Paradise

The Paradise of Kauai is being poisoned by Dow and Dupont, using this beautiful island as a laboratory to grow mutant GMO seeds and crops, while poisoning the environment with dangerous pesticides and herbicides. This was largely hidden from view, but the people of Hawaii are starting to wake up and fight for the right to enjoy a clean and safe environment. My family and I went to Kauai in January 2012 to celebrate my 68th birthday—a lovely relaxing experience, hiking, swimming, body surfing, snorkeling with fish and turtles, relaxing and meditating. Our four grandkids had a super time. We visited an amazing organic farm growing all kinds of exotic fruits, but the next day, we were shocked to discover vast acreages on the Island that are being used by Dow and Dupont for growing GMO crops. These giant pesticide companies are using up to three times more pesticides than what are used in North America, some of which are not allowed anymore, and the locals are being victimized. As the old saying goes, “It’s time to grow less corn, and raise more hell!” I’m sure some of my meditator friends are wondering why I’m bothering with all this, when this world of Maya is illusory. To those, i would say, remember, this earth is our Mother, and it behooves all her children to take care of Her, even while endeavoring to become spiritually liberated. Why do we let a handful of giant pesticide and seed companies to play God with our food and our environment?

kauai gmo protest
Kauai Protest



Arran Stephens

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