Glimpses from our garden this morning as the sun washed its benison across the land…

Even though it was cool and crisp, i walked barefoot through the garden, over worm-castings in the grass, then along pathways through the perennials, the little orchard and the fall vegetables—deep rich kale green, shocking yellow decaying leaves, winter carrots, cauliflowers that will yeild heads in


spring, one could feel the earth energies flowing both ways, up through the feet and back to the land. You can smell honey within 15′ of the hives, and my girls (the bees) were busy making the best of the sun.

Soon, the cold will drive them into the hives for the winter. I walked past a Japanese maple with bright scarlet bark, and then the lotus pond which I dug by hand some years ago. The tall trees beyond, filtering the autumn gold, the bright air breathing me. Nature—the feminine Divine, is here, and my Master


‘s Hand is immanent in all.